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Moustache Wax Review – Wild Bill’s XXX Fine Mustache Wax

Company:         Wild Bill’s Moustache Wax
Made in:            Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Tin size:            1oz
Price:                $12.00USD – £7.90approx
Website:           Wild Bill’s – Etsy.com
Ingredients:       Lanolin, beeswax, petroleum jelly, jojoba gel, rosemary oleoresin 5%,
.                        clary sage essential oil (fragrance), juniper berry essential oil (fragrance)
Shipping to:       Everywhere – prices vary.

Much like Wax My Stache, Wild Bills was born from frustration. Frustration at trying to find a wax that stood up to whatever element was thrown at it. Rain, wind, snow or sunshine the ideal wax would be able to keep that stiff upper lip looking sharp. And so Wild Bill set about making his own brand of wax. Here at Wax My Stache we sampled both of his two waxes, a softer one for mo’ and beard grooming and a stiffer one to help keep those curls in place.

The combination of these two waxes worked brilliantly, a pair that is perfect for my needs. I applied the softer wax to the body of my Mo’ and finished the curls off with the stiffer wax. I did heat both with a quick blast of a hair dryer making them easy to comb through, something I would recommend doing. The stiffer of the two would be very difficult to apply if not previously heated. If you do not have a hair dryer handy then rubbing a small amount of wax between your fingers should suffice.

Being lanolin based meant it didn’t smell too strong, applied easily and held my mo’ in place very well. Once softened and applied this wax does go back to the original solid state, meaning it has gravity defying hold! The softer wax was more or a light/medium hold that I liked using on the body of my ‘stache. It would be suitable for combing through beards to keep them looking top notch.

Although in the tin it is a slightly yellowish colour, it blended in well with my ginger mo’.  One thing I did like in particular about this wax was the fact that it didn’t wash out in water (thanks to that lanolin base), meaning you can go wakeboarding, swimming etc and still come out with a stiff upper lip. If you do want to wash it out compelety then use a bit of soap and you’ll be good to go! This wax performed beautifully, no mo’ dandruff, no midday droop. Boosting it near to the top of my favourites list.

Mo’Star rating: 4/5

Moustache Stars Moustache Stars Moustache Stars Moustache Stars

Wild Bills Moustache Wax and Tube


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