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Moustache Wax Review – Oregon Wild Hair

Company:      Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax
Made in:         Southern Oregon, USA
Tin size:         1 oz – 30ml
Price:             $9.95USD – £6.50(approx)
Website:        http://www.oregonwildhair.com/
Ingredients:    beeswax, petroleum jelly, lanolin, and natural musk oil
Shipping to:   Free US shipping. Rates vary for International shipping.


Oregon, home of some of the worlds best skateparks, our friends Dan and Steven, the famous Voodoo donuts, endless amounts of greenery and of course Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax! Last year we visited Oregon twice and have much love for the area. So when we found out about Oregon Wild Hair needless to say we were more than a little excited. Founded by Mark and Susan Coyl, it is a family company that also sell brilliant boar hair grooming tools and moustache mugs.

Oregon Wild Hair comes in either a 1oz tin or a travel tube in a neutral colour, both of which were reviewed by Wax My Stache. Application of this wax was great, softened up easily and combed through my stache without tugging at my hairs. The neutral colour blended in well with my ginger mo’, even with my liberal application. Oregon Wild Hair stood up to the test and I was able to style my mo’ into perfect curls which lasted almost the whole day with only one touch-up with the handy travel tube. While wearing Oregon Wild Hair I did get a lot of comments about how good my ‘stache looked, so clearly it was doing it’s job well.

Oregon Wild Hair does have a very distinct musk smell so beware if you do not like a strong scent below your nose! It was something that didn’t bother me personally. Even the girlfriend liked it! I would say that it is a medium to strong hold that would be suited for mo’ beginners and and veterans alike. No mo’ dandruff, no curl droop. Infact, I liked Oregon Wild Hair so much that I didn’t want to stop using it! But alas – there are more waxes that need to be reviewed.

This wax is definitely a strong contender for my favourite ‘everyday’ wax, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those boar bristle brushes!

Mo’Star rating: 4.5/5

Moustache Stars Moustache Stars Moustache Stars Moustache Stars Moustache Stars

Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax and Travel Tube

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