Wax My Stache – The Moustache Wax Review

About Wax My Stache

Here at Wax My Stache we test, trial and review any and every moustache wax we can get our hands on. After years of searching for the perfect wax, some quality products started to come out of the woodwork. We thought all moustached men should be informed of these great products, and of course what products to avoid… And lo, WaxMyStache.com was born.

The Moustache Wax Review

All products are reviewed by Chris – he is an avid skateboarder, snowboarder and cyclist. Currently we are based in Auckland, New Zealand, where the unpredictable climate means all waxes we review will have to cope with just about every meteorological element imaginable. Perviously having lived in London and Vancouver means waxes have been reviewed in varying climates. Each wax will be rated on our unique Mo’Star scale. This will factor in – and is not limited to – Smell, Hold (Defying Gravity and/or Keeping the Body Off the Lip), Texture,  Colour, Durability, Moustache Dandruff/Flakes, Water Solubility (Will it Last in Rain/Can You Wash it Out?). And at the bottom of each review you’ll find handy links to their online store. You can see the reviews here -Wax Reviews

New Zealand’s 1st Beard and Moustache Champoinship winner and Wax My Stache’s reviewer Chris Photo cred: Christina Schmidt Moustache Wax Reviewer Chris